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"Why can't I find any deals that make sense?"


"Everything on-market is overpriced, picked-through and stale."


"How do those guys get so many deals?"

These are actual quotes we hear from investors all the time. If these words sound like they came from you, you're not alone.
Take a look at these frustrated comments:
"I can't find any properties!!"
"Here too...there are very few deals...I can't find any properties either."
"If there's a deal on MLS you're competing...which drives the price up...making it not profitable in the end."
"I've been looking...on Zillow and, and have had no luck."
What's going on here?

These comments, from investors and wholesalers all over the country, are things we hear all the time.

The reason we hear these same comments so often is because of how we've all been conditioned to think of real estate.

Whether we realize it or not, we've all been conditioned to think of real estate as a commodity, as easily tradable as coffee, corn or cotton.

Just like these commodities are bought and sold on exchanges, so too have we been conditioned to buy and sell real estate on "exchanges."

Think about this for a moment. Our first experience with real estate usually happens when we buy our first house or find our first apartment.

So, later, when we're looking for our first investment real estate deals, what do we do?

Well, because of our conditioning, we have the tendency to default back to using the same "exchanges" we used to buy our homes.

In other words, we default back to using what we know and what we know are the "exchanges" - the MLS's,'s,'s, RealtyTrac's,'s,'s and many others.

Problem is, while these exchanges can be useful to buy our actual homes, they fall very far short of the kind of tools we need to effectively find good investments and deals that make sense.

It's not tough to understand why: the listing agents are working to get the best price for the seller, not you.

The very purpose of MLS is to reach a wider audience with a scarce asset. What happens when you have limited supply and high demand? You know, the price goes up.

Nevertheless, just like the comments you read above, when it comes to finding investment real estate deals, we all start on MLS.

We get excited reading broker's descriptions of properties being "cash cows!" with "20% cash on cash returns!"

But soon, our excitement turns to frustration.

We realize there's nothing "cash" about these properties, they're just cows.

We run the numbers only to find the broker calculated the CAP rate or the cash on cash return incorrectly.

And, if you're a wholesaler, your buyers start demanding you "bring me something that's not on MLS."

Then a new kind of uncertainty creeps in: "How the hell do I do that?" 

How the $?@# are you supposed to find deals that are available but not on the open market?

How are you supposed to find deals that are totally private, available only to you? How are you supposed to find the coveted off market deals everyone wants?

Figuring this out feels incredibly daunting, so you head to the internet forums for help:

"So what are methods you guys use in finding deals before they hit the MLS?"
"What are some ways to find off-market deals...any ideas?"
" market listings, how are you able to find these gems?"

BiggerPockets forums are the go-to resource for many of us when it comes to learning pretty much anything about real estate investing.

There's no question that BiggerPockets is amazing, but there are over 2,000 results when you search for “How to find off market deals?” (link: take a peek).

With 2,000+ forum results, where do you even start?

You know the folks in the forums are just trying to help, but their suggestions and ideas often leave us with more questions than answers.

Here are some forum answers to "How to find off market deals?":
Advice: Do everything at once.
This might leave you wondering:
"I know there are many different tactics, but where do I start?"
“What exact steps do I need to take so I don’t waste time?”
“Which steps and tactics will give the most bang for my buck?"
Advice: "1. Form relationships. 2. Do Activity."
This might leave you wondering:
"I know relationships are key, but how do I even start forming them in the first place?"
“How do I maintain these relationships if all I'm asking for are deals?”
“I know I have to do 'activities,' but which ones and when?
Advice: Network at REIA meetings, direct mail, tell everyone.
And this, too, might leave you wondering:
"Everyone goes to REIA to get deals, how do I differentiate myself?"
“I know direct mail can work, but what do I write? How often should I send letters? What kind of letters should I send?”
“All this takes time, how do I stay motivated and accountable?

Despite all our lingering questions, despite the thousands of thoughts and opinions, we still want to try everything, we still want to take action, we still want to get results.

So we start executing.

But by doing so, we begin creating a dangerous trap for ourselves.

The trap is we start executing on all these deal-finding tactics randomly.

Most investors tend to run around like headless chickens from MLS sites, to sending direct mail, to Linkedin groups, to BiggerPockets forums and to REIA meetings with no clear direction, no strategic plan and no roadmap for success.

What the typical deal finding "strategy" looks like

This "strategy" is like a developer ordering lumber, bricks, mortar, some windows, nails and screws, dumping them on-site and telling his crew “Ok, build me a shopping center!” all without blueprints.

It won't work.

As the old adage says, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”

So it's no wonder all this randomness contributes to one scary but very true statistic:

of real estate "investors" fail to buy a single property

 But it's not your fault.

Truth is, there are tons of courses, knowledge and tools on how to buy and finance investment real estate.

But there’s very little on how to consistently market to find the deals you want to buy or wholesale in the first place.

Your success depends on consistent deal flow.

You want your phone ringing incessantly with opportunities.  

The more opportunities you see, the more good deals that make sense you can choose from.   The more good deals you can choose from, the more wealth you can build.  

The more wealth you can build…well, the faster you’ll be able to have the quality of life you set out to achieve in the first place.   

So, what if you had a clear, proven strategic plan built for you, and a simple roadmap for you to execute the plan to get consistent opportunities and deals?  

What if you could ignore all the random deal-finding tools, the thousands of opinions on tactics, and throw away all confusion & wheel spinning to just focus on ONE PLAN that you know works?


Ignoring the thousands of random opinions, insights and anecdotal ideas
Getting higher quality deals with less stress and less waste
Your phone ringing with private, off market deals just for you, directly from sellers
Never stressing about how you’re going to find your next deal
Having multiple deals to choose from, only moving forward the absolute best ones for you
Having more time with family and friends
Getting better returns and higher profits

Well, we built Off Market Formula (we call it OMF for short) to help make all this reality.


Your proven, step-by-step marketing system to get consistent off market deals.

For the first time, we've put together a comprehensive, easy to follow, step-by-step system proven to make your phone ring with calls directly from property owners who want to sell.

OMF is an online HD video course that gives you the strategic plan, tools and mindset shifts you need to be successful in identifying and closing off market deals.

We've broken the OMF system down into two parts, Part 1: Your Strategic Plan and Part 1: Execution. Each part has its own series of steps. Each step includes videos, downloadable resources, exercises and templates to make sure you’ve got everything you need to get the deals.

See what's inside Off Market Formula

Part 1: Your Strategic Plan

You’ve heard it before: “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” Part 1 of OMF is dedicated to getting you in the right mindset and helping you form a concrete strategic plan to get the best off market opportunities.

In Part 1 you'll learn:
How to avoid the single biggest mistake all deal-hunters make when trying to get off market deals

New or seasoned, almost ALL investors make this one common mistake that totally derails their ability to find off market deals directly from sellers. We'll show you how to recognize it and completely avoid it.

How to adopt the Off Market Mentality

Finding off market deals requires a very different mindset than most investors and wholesalers have. We'll share this mentality with you, and show you how to adopt it.

The real business you're in (hint: it's NOT "real estate" and it's NOT "marketing")

Huh? That's right. Anyone who thinks they're ONLY in the real estate business or ONLY in the marketing business has missed one of the most critical steps to finding quality off market deals.

How to differentiate yourself so owners sell to you, not your competition

According to Facebook Insights, there are over 30,000,000 folks in the US who consider themselves real estate investors. Whoa. We'll show you how to differentiate yourself from the herd in all your thoughts, words and actions.

How to form a Realistic, Actionable and Adaptable Strategic Plan

We'll walk you through creating a strategic plan that's Realistic (you can achieve it), Actionable (you know how to do it) and Adaptable (you can adjust it to changing situations).


Part 2: Execution

You know planning is useless without execution. Part 2 gives you the steps, tools and resources you need to put your strategic plan into action and get your phone ringing with opportunities.

In Part 2 you'll learn:
How to identify juicy, profitable little corners of any market

You might already know which markets make sense to buy in overall, but do you know the most profitable sections of those markets down to the street? We'll show you how to find them.

The 5 D's of true seller motivation

We'll show you how to recognize them and use them to your advantage to get the best deals available.

How to use the 5 D's to strategically build prospecting lists full of motivated sellers

Anyone can go to ListSource, ProspectNow, InfoUSA or any other number of vendors to buy lists of property owners. That'll get you quantity when you really want quality. We'll show you how to build lists of quality owners ready to sell.

Your complete, proven 30-day Deal Acceleration Program called "OFF30X"

OFF30X is designed to quickly accelerate your results. The program shows you exactly which marketing activities you should be doing, how to do them, exactly when and exactly how often. Consider it your complete marketing playbook. Repeat the OFF30X program monthly to get the best results.

How to setup, automate, and outsource key aspects of your business to save a ton of time

We've curated a powerful list of free resources and tools, from digital phone systems and tracking tools, to automation processes and outsourcing platforms, all with how-to tutorials on setting them each up.

All the best tactics, templates, scripts and accountability docs you need to get the best results

We've made sure to include all the materials and resources you need to be successful, keep yourself accountable and stay consistent.

Access Off Market Formula anywhere, anytime you want.

All OMF material is easily accessible across all devices, and since you get lifetime access, you can view it anytime to your heart's content.


Special Bonuses!

What kind of people would we be if we didn’t go above and beyond for you?!

Your bonuses include:
Special Bonus 1: Qualify the Sellers, Eliminate the Tire Kickers

This lesson will show you how to spot the difference between time-wasting owners who are kicking the tires on what their building might be worth, and truly motivated sellers who are ready to make a deal. We give you talk tracks, scripts and questions to uncover and confirm the seller's true motivations.

Special Bonus 2: Facebook Advertising for Deals

Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool. Almost 30% of the entire world’s population uses Facebook every month. The sellers you want to reach are on there, but how do you reach them? This lesson covers how to use Facebook Advertising, from creating your Facebook Business Page, to building Custom and Saved Audiences and creating ads.

Special Bonus 2: Your Fast, FREE Website

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a website you'll risk losing credibility with your prospects. This is your business and you need a website, but they don't need to be expensive, take weeks to build, or take a ton of effort to design yourself. This lesson shows you a little known tool to quickly get yourself a personal website, completely free.


What are folks saying about OMF?

We've tested OMF with a group of investors and deals hunters. Results will of course vary depending on your market, asset type and consistency.

Here's what they have to say:

Off Market Formula helps me find deals that just make sense. Before OMF, I knew how to finance, analyze and negotiate deals, but finding good ones consistently was hit or miss. This course changed that.
Paul Lam
I'll admit I was new to real estate investing when I heard about OMF. I loved the BiggerPockets podcast but it never dove very deep on marketing to get deals. I followed the OMF course and the marketing program and my phone started ringing. It definitely works if you work it.
Scott L.
I work for one of Boston's largest multifamily building owners and part of my day-to-day job is sourcing new deals. I wish I had Off Market Formula a long time ago.
Mike D.
What I like most about OMF is the entirely different approach it takes to finding deals. Instead of just focusing on the property, it's also about focusing on the seller's psychology. I've never heard of that approach and it totally works.
Josh Golder

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you must be wondering...
Will OMF work for me?

OMF is the only solution out there that gives you a systematic, step-by-step approach to getting consistent off market opportunities, but the truth is it wouldn’t work without you to work it. The system requires work, plain and simple. It’s our job to help and guide you, but the results are up to your persistence, drive and dedication. The system works if you work it.

What type of properties will OMF help me find?

OMF is designed to help you find off market multifamily buildings with at least 2 units. However, the principles, tools and tactics included could well be applied to finding off market single family homes and commercial properties like office, retail and industrial buildings.

How does the course work?

OMF is not a digital subscription service or multiple listings service (MLS) where you have to pay monthly to view property listings or get “super secret” information. OMF is an online, self-paced HD video course. You'll get instant access to the entire OMF system and you'll always be able to access your material via the private OMF site. We also include supplementary materials, including templates, scripts, worksheets and other resources. One important thing: Don't worry about falling behind. You have lifetime access to this material, so if you need to take a break, that's no problem — you can resume the material any time you want.

Is this course live?

This is NOT a live presentation. It's an online video course you can take at your own pace. The course comes with lifetime access so the strategies, tactics, and scripts in this course will always be available to you, ready whenever you need them.

An Unbeatable 30-Day Guarantee

Try Off Market Formula for a full 30 days and if you don't love it, if it doesn't give you the mindset, knowledge, tools and tactics to find more off market opportunities than you've ever done before, then we insist you get 100% of your money back. We'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

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